In all our processes,we ensure the highest efficiency and %100 quality together with our development and design projects.

Full Automated Casting Press with Ultimate Sensitive Injection System
Our latest technology enabless us with highest sesitivity and accuracy in the molding process.For example,we can do 0.2 gr injection accuracy.
We develeoped our own Software to monitor injection process every 150-200 mseconds that results in producing identical products.(Normally it is 15-20 seconds)
Our software constantly monitors the ciscosity parameters during the molding process and adjusts the necessary parameters to be used for the next cycle.
The system are made of stainless steel.
Epoxy and quartz materials are mixed under high vacuum with high precision.
The system is fully automated and the process parameters obtained have high sensitivity.
The mixture is made at vacuum values below 1 mbar with highest accuracy German equipment.
We developed a vacuum protection system to prevent quality problems due to wrong mixture issues.
In dosing mixer designs that we have made in accordance with ASME standards,filling with very high precision is realized.

Alko Engineering Inc. with the knowledge and experience it has,the design of epoxy companents,the design of molds using Solid Modeling programs such as SolidWorks and NX, and the production of epoxy molds in its own management.

We design and manufacture the press and vacuum chambers used in our facilities projects.
Vacuum chambers fully automatic provide vacuum,temperature and casting parameters with high precision.
Production can be done in 3 vacuum chambers at the same time as our single casting facility.On this account,our customers can have a production volume 3 times higher than with a plant.
We are accelerating the casting and post-curing process times by a factor of 2 with a design that is unusual for dry casting molds.
With the special design of the vacuum chamber without using a separate oven
In the vacuum chamber castings,the hoses connected to the molds are completely removed from the center and are marked by laser marking.
Vacuum chamber castings;By automatically adding the paint into raw material,solutions are produced that do not require any subsequent sanding and painting processes on the coils.
In vacum chambers,full automatic high flow rate control is done in coil casting.
With the innovations we made in press design in APG Casting Plants,we have realized the maximum closure and sealing for the production of molds with different geometries and liquid leaks are being eliminated.
Molding of the products into the mold is realized by full automation.
In our APG and Dry Die Casting Facilties,our filling sensitivity can be up to 0.2g.In the case,both APG and dry-transformed transformers are in the same quality as photocopied parts.
Dry Type Transformer Vacuum Chamber
36 kV Load Break Switch Epoxy Mold
36 kV Load Break Gear Full Automated Casting Press
36 kV Circuit Breaker
36 kV Load Break Switch Gear